Coffee Pot Ranch
Contact: Bob Sorensen, Shirley Field, Taran and Sara Harper
City: Sheridan, CA,
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About Us
Coffee Pot Ranch is a small family farm located in Placer County. The Coffee Pot Ranch brand was first used by Shirley's great-grandfather in Colorado, and is still used today. We produce USDA inspected meats. Because we are a small ranch, raising everything, we always have something just not everything all the time. We do not add hormones or use antibiotics in the feed or water of anything we raise. We take great pride and effort in our portion size and product consistency. Our sheep are grass-fed and grass-finished, never ever any grain. Lamb is available seasonally. Our hogs are compassionately raised on an organic, non-GMO, no soy, grain diet specifically formulated for hogs and made custom for us. We share what we think is a healthful, sustainable, meat product for you and your family to enjoy.