Busalacchi Farms
Address: 6300 Wells Avenue Loomis, CA, 95650
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Phone: 707-483-3769
About Us
Busalacchi Farms is a family owned and operated fresh cherry, fig, walnut and produce growing and packing company. The farm is relatively small with 5 acres of producing land located in Stockton, California. We are currently developing our Loomis farm for production. Being a 100-year-old ranch we have many different varieties that ensure a long growing season, lasting from late April to early July each year. We have both yellow and red colored varieties of cherries. Many of the varieties we sell would be considered heirloom as the ranch was planted over 100 years ago by our great grandmother, Caterina Demattei. Caterina emigrated from a small town in Italy to start the farm and her American dream. Today, we still pay tribute to Nonni by keeping the same age old traditions associated with the ranch.
We grow using organic and integrated pest management practices.